Strong showing at Bingham Cup

The Rebellion in our new jerseys courtesy of EagleLA and NEC (photo by Steve J.)

The Rebellion posted another strong finish in the Bingham Cup VI June 1-3, 2012, in Manchester, United Kingdom finishing tied for seventh place of 37 international teams.

The Rebellion emerged 2-1 from a strong pool including San Francisco A, Sydney B, and Atlanta.  After a tough opening loss to the Fog, who finished second overall, the Rebellion won back-to-back matches against the Convicts B side and the Bucks.  Zulu tries were earned by Mr. Cupcake, PT Cruiser, and the Doctor.

Despite a tough fought 0-0 second half against the Gotham Knights (NYC) in the Cup quarterfinal, the Rebellion were unable to overcome a first half deficit and dropped to the Plate Semifinal.  With only twelve healthy players remaining, the Rebellion put forth a signature hard-hitting effort in a muddy loss to the host Manchester Village Spartans in our final match on Sunday.

The Rebellion were supported all weekend by Hollie, Heather and Mike - whether it was getting us water, telling HJ what side we’re on, or cheering us up on the buses they were there for us

Ana's scratch and AB's foot

Rebellion MVP goes to our forwards captain Ananias Chairez.  Always a vocal and physical leader on the field, Ana displayed exceptional courage and mental toughness playing the last three matches with a serious scratch on his right arm.  He was one of only three Rebels to play all 200 minutes in the tourney (along with Boooooo and Pinko) and looked like he was hiding from a Predator by the end of the mudmatch.

Cheers to the Bingham Cup champion Sydney Convicts and the host Manchester Village Spartans.

Team Updates - AB’s surgery was a success and he’s hobbling around Europe now.  After second and third opinions from renowned surgeons, Ho will be able to keep his leg despite the Charlie Horse.  Padilla and Caufield will likely punch you if you accidentally bear hug their ribs.  Trancer 2 will never again use British medical tape on his foot.  HJ knows what day it is.  Pinko remembers that Trancer are two different people.  Ghost Protocol has not been spotted since dinner.

Many thanks to all of our supporters – this Bingham Cup would not have been possible without everyone’s ongoing support.  That’s not lip service.  Until the auction, we were perilously close to not being able to bring over a full side.  Thank you everyone!

Finally cheers to our coach Will Tabor who helped us prepare and worked tirelessly with Padilla and JP throughout the tournament to adjust our roster as Rebels got hurt

Those left standing after the mud-bowl match against Manchester; pic by Hollie(wood)

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