About Us

The LA Rebellion Rugby Football Club is the only rugby team in Los Angeles welcoming all players, regardless of age, race, fitness level or sexual orientation. Like all people in the City of Angels, we come from many different walks of life. But there is one thing that brings us together… Our love for the game of Rugby.

We welcome any and all who would like to partake in the fun, both on and off the Pitch. Rugby in general, and the Rebellion in specific, has a place for all types. Younger or older, heavy or thin, gay, straight or whatever… We’re just here to play rugby and have a good time. If you’re looking for an aggressive sport with a healthy side of beer, brotherhood and bone-crushing fun, come out to one of our weekly practices and check it out.

The LA Rebellion pledges to:

  • Encourage self-confidence and motivation of all its players
  • Field a team to play competitive rugby in Southern California and around the world
  • Provide an alternative solution to anyone seeking to play social rugby
  • Provide the necessary training at varied levels in order to advance the abilities of all players

The LA Rebellion RFC competes in two rugby leagues as full and active members: Southern California Rugby Football Union (SCRFU), Division III; and the International Gay Rugby Association & Board (IGRAB), a UK-based rugby league dedicated to promoting the sport of rugby for gays and lesbians around the world.

In addition to our regular season and year-round friendly matches, the LA Rebellion also competes in many different tournaments in including the bi-annual Bingham Cup as well as competitions in Huntington Beach, Pasadena and the Seattle Quake Magnitude Tournament.

Practices are held throughout the year – check the home page for current info.

Does it matter if you’ve played sports before?
No. Many of our players either played sports a very long time ago or not at all. Its never too late to learn, and the benefits of regular sports practice will amaze you.

Does it matter if you’re out of shape and afraid rugby is too demanding?
No, Rugby can be a demanding sport, but our regular weekly practices are designed to build the fitness levels of every player, no matter how out of shape you are. And you’ll find our kind of workouts to be fun and engaging, and inclusive to all players no matter what level of experience and/or fitness they bring to the Pitch.