Join The Los Angeles Rebellion

The LA Rebellion welcomes everyone to come play rugby, regardless of skill set, shape, size, age, ethnicity or sexual identity. Whether it is the beginning of the season, mid-season or the off season, any player interested is welcome to join team practices. The Rebellion creates a fun, inclusive environment to participate in this growing sport. 


Our 2019-20 Season begins on October 1, 2019! We have a big year planned, culminating with our trip to Ottawa in August 2020 to participate in the IGR Bingham Cup!

A full schedule of our fall events will be posted soon - until then, please refer to our general schedule detailed below.

#PrideInRugby Weekend - A Global Celebration of Gay and Inclusive Rugby!

Rugby 101 Mini-Training
Saturday October 5 | 3 - 4:30 pm

Pan Pacific Park
7600 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Check our Facebook Page on Saturday Oct 5 for exact location at the Park.

Rugby 101 Training Camp Continues

Tuesday October 8 | 8 - 10 pm
Ferraro Athletic Field #1
Griffith Park
5101 N. Zoo Drive, LA 90027

This is a turf field. No metal cleats allowed!

Thursday October 10 | 8 - 10 pm
Rugby Viewing Party - Learn more of the basics by watching a match with our vets.
Location TBA

Tuesday October 15 | 8 - 10 pm
Ferraro Athletic Field #1
Griffith Park
5101 N. Zoo Drive, LA 90027

This is a turf field. No metal cleats allowed!

Thursday October 17 | 8 - 10 pm
Guardia Park (East LA)
4410 Garden Homes Ave, LA 90032

Full practice begins Tuesday October 15, and occurs every Tuesday/Thursday from 8 - 10 pm. New players can join anytime, even if you’ve missed our prior Rugby 101 practices!

How Do I Join?

Come to practice, it's that simple! New players can join at any time. If you have questions, feel free to message us on Facebook or toss us an email.  During our season we ask for a commitment of  practices twice a week. Check our calendar page for any changes to dates, times or locations.

If you decide to give rugby a try, be sure to give our Player Representative your name, phone number and email address. On an annual basis, each player is responsible for paying team dues and registering with USA Rugby


How much does it cost to join the team?
Team dues are $160 for rookies and $200 for veteran players.  If paying at once is going to be difficult, talk to the player representative about setting up a payment plan.  USA Rugby also requires all players to register at and pay a required fee of $81.50. Need help? Follow these easy instructions!

What equipment do I need?
If you are a new player we recommend coming to practice with:

  • Rugby or soccer cleats (American football and baseball cleats are illegal in rugby)

  • A mouth guard\

  • Rugby shorts (available via or gym shorts.

  • Athletic wear you don't mind getting dirty

Does it matter if you’ve played sports before?
No.  Many of our players either played sports a very long time ago or not at all.  Its never too late to learn, and the benefits of regular sports practice will amaze you.

If you are a new player wanting to join during this time with little to no experience check out the information provided on our Rugby 101 page. We can teach you the skills, but it's recommended you have a basic understanding of what a rugby game looks like and the basic rules involved. 

Does it matter if you’re out of shape and afraid rugby is too demanding?
No.  Rugby can be a demanding sport, but our regular weekly practices are designed to build the fitness levels of every player, and you will find our workouts to be fun and engaging, and inclusive to all players no matter what level of experience and/or fitness they bring to the pitch.

Can I come and watch practice before I join?
Of course! We encourage potential new members to observe a practice or come to one of our Ruggerbust events to learn more about the team. 

Will I get hurt?
Like any high-impact sport, rugby carries a certain amount of risk when you walk on the pitch. While injuries do happen, the amount or severity of injury is no different than other sports of a similar nature; and in fact, rugby has less injury than football! The Rebellion cares about the safety of the entire team - in addition to learning how to play the game safely, you have the option of purchasing additional protective gear for practice and game days.