Meet the 2018-19 Board


One of the Rebellion’s OG RugBAEs, Eric likes to say that he cleans up after the beer, bruises and occasional bad choices. Married to our Fundraising Chair, he is Chief Managing Partner of Cercle D’Or Consulting, a nonprofit consulting firm. Inspired by the inclusive rugby teams from around the world who assembled at 2016’s Bingham Cup, Eric supported our Board as a Marketing Consultant and this past season as Vice President. Now, as President, he will leverage his experience in nonprofit management to achieve our vision of inclusivity, increase awareness of our mission and activities, and build long term sustainability. Outside of his nonprofit work, Eric is a pianist and screenwriter. He’s currently developing a "semi-autobiographical-but-totally-fictional" digital series, appropriately titled RUGBY WIVES.



Travis' bio is coming soon!



Now in his second season with the Rebellion, Kenny has served the team reliably as a lock, while also jumping in as a prop when necessary. A Los Angeles native, Kenny makes his living as a statistical physicist in the aerospace industry, programming simulators for experimental planes and equipment. As Treasurer, Kenny manages the club’s fiscal operations and provides guidance to the board as to how the team’s revenue can best be utilized to serve its overall mission and vision. Relatively new to the sport of rugby, Kenny has found his experience with the Rebellion extremely rewarding and was inspired to dedicate his time and effort toward helping the team achieve its ambitious goals for the upcoming season. Off the pitch, Kenny enjoys the ocean, running, swimming, kayaking, and chess, just to name a few. Kenny has completed the Ironman Triathlon and several other ultra-endurance events in the past. His spirit animal is a Cheetah.


A 16-year rugby veteran, including the last eight with the Rebellion, Will is a past President and four-term Treasurer for the Board. Dedicated to supporting other LGBT individuals through the sport of rugby, and creating a safe space to be active and welcomed on & off the pitch, Will looks forward to supporting the Rebellion in this new role watching over brand identity and our position as a leader in the inclusive rugby movement.  Outside of rugby, Will is a Talent Business Partner with Red Bull North America. His spirit animals are cats, unicorns and Kesha.


Now in his sixth season with the Rebellion, Phil has grown into a reliable prop, lock and flank for the team. An Orange County native and Cal State University Long Beach graduate (majoring in Finance), Phil makes his living as a Digital Marketing specialist focused on display and social advertising. Previously serving as Field Coordinator and two terms as President, Phil now steps into the role of Player Representative, focusing on player engagement, management and retention. Phil is an expert at Korean BBQ table-side cooking, competes in the occasional triathlon, enjoys animé, and spending time with his 60+ family members in California. His spirit animals are pandas and Domo. 


Now serving in his fourth term on the board, Jim manages the club's events and fundraising efforts, proudly supporting our mission to promote equality through sport. Jim joined the Rebellion in 2014 having never played rugby before – he was hooked from the first ruck. Married to our President (technically making him First Lady), he can often be seen roaming Sunset Junction with their dog Appa (#rugbypoodle) as he hunts for Pokémon. A "mad scientist" by day, Jim is an analytical chemist for Amgen specializing in surface science, spectroscopy and materials science, helping prove that nerds are just as tough on and off the pitch. 



Entering his sixth season with the Rebellion, and fifth on the board, David is excited to serve as the team liaison to IGR, doubling in his role as the IGR North America - West regional representative. While a hooker on (and off) the field, he professionally makes a living as a psychiatric social worker in a hospital emergency department. Commuting to practice from Long Beach gives him plenty of time to listen to new music, so feel free to strike up a conversation sometime. David is excited this season to demonstrate why his nickname is Creepy, explore the world of flanking, and host a terrific Rucktacular this December!



Another of our long time RugBAEs, Paul joins the board this year to coordinate expanded supporter engagement efforts. His full bio is coming soon!


The Board wishes to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their assistance
in achieving our goals for the 2018-19 Season:

Michael Schroder - Communications & SOCIAL Engagement

Gino Masse - Graphic Design

Ed Salm - Logistical Support for Matches