2015 - 2016 : Rebellion Rugby Board Members


In 2011, while visiting San Diego, I had my first rugby experience. The home team was the San Diego Armada; I had no idea what was happening the entire game, but it looked fun. After the game both teams got together for food, drinks, and rugby songs.  This was an experience that changed the course of my life.

The LA Rebellion has given me incredible travel experiences, a group of amazing friends, and spotty memory of ridiculous shenanigans. As president of the LA Rebellion, I strive to create a great rugby experience for everyone who comes out to join the team. On the pitch you will find me with loose forwards. Off the pitch I am a general manager for a telecom firm and student at UCLA.

CLUB TREASURER: will padilla

How long you have been playing rugby: 13 years
Favorite moment with the Rebellion:  My favorite moment was the overall trip to Sydney for Bingham Cup 2014
Why is the Rebellion important to you:  The Rebellion is important because it allows me the opportunity to help develop myself and others in the sport of rugby.  It also allows me the ability to help other LGBT members in sport, giving them a safe space to be active and welcomed
What you do for a living off the pitch: HR Business Partner, Red Bull Media House

club secretary: William Roche


I've been playing rugby since 2003 when I was in high school. I played for and coached the University of Illinois rugby team for 6 years before moving to Los Angeles. This season will be my 5th year with the Rebellion. I chose to play with the Rebellion over any of the more competitive teams in the area, because the players were incredibly social and welcomed anyone that wanted to learn the sport of rugby. I was not interested in just playing the sport as much as getting on the pitch with 15 of my friends and teaching people how to play the game. Traveling to Sydney, Australia for a 3 day rugby tournament in 2014 was one of my favorite moments with the Rebellion. Off the pitch I continually have opportunities to join the team in events that give back to the community. Its a great team because of the great people associated with it.

player representative: Michael SCHRODER


2015/16 will be my 6th year with the Los Angeles Rebellion and playing rugby in general.  I have played a variety of forward positions (and even wing once in a 7s game), but I enjoy and excel at Prop the most.  My favorite memory with the team is definitely Bingham Cup 2014 in Sydney.  I got to travel around Australia with a teammate the week before the tournament.  There was torrential rained all three days of games, which was new for a team from Southern California.  One of the highlights of the event was the pool party after the first day of games.  I am looking forward to the Bingham Cup in Nashville 2016.  For a living, I am a Workers' Comp paralegal.  Rebellion rugby is the first athletic endeavor of my choice and I have found it to be a great way to balance work and play.

Game Day Coordinator: David rieker

David Rieker.jpg

This season will be my third, both with the Rebellion and playing rugby. Like most, it's difficult to identify a singular best experience, but recently it was travelling to Seattle for Magnitude 2015. It's always such a pleasure to kickback and have fun with friends, on and off the pitch. Rugby has a special place in my heart as the first team sport I'd ever played. As such, I strongly identify with the social, comradery, and teamwork aspects of the game, rather than the physicality and competition; however, those are pretty great, too! On the pitch, I make my living as a hooker, while off the pitch, I work nights as a medical social worker in the Emergency Department at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Hospitals


This will be my second season with the Rebellions and overall playing Rugby. I started off with no experience and each day is a learning triumph while mastering the sport of rugby. It has been challenging season to say the least but have gained so much respect for the sport and love for it as well. Through the Rebellion I have gained new friendships, learned a rough contact sport as well conquered many fears along the way. My best memory while playing with the rebellions was when I was put in for the entire first half of a game being inexperience. it gave me the drive needed to continue. Off the pitch I go to USC and am a law student. I currently work in Corporate LAW.



I have been playing rugby for 3 1/2 years.  My favorite moment with the rebellion are the ones where we compete at tournaments.
The Rebellion is important to me because it provides a community to be a part of. The bonds that I have could not have been created from any other organization. I have never been in a fraternity of sorts but the Rebellion has been opened that window. Making connections with my teammates, nationally and internationally has been an experience that I would not trade for anything. The types of tournaments that the Rebellion participates in are one of the incentives to stay on the team


After moving back to Los Angeles and spending several boring months in the gym, Jim (aka Tex) joined the Rebellion in 2014 having never played rugby before. He was hooked from the first game and never looked back, even after suffering an injury that benched him early on in his rookie season. Now healed, Jim is proud to be back on the field and supporting the team as the Fundraising Chair for the Rebellion's Board. By day, Jim is an analytical chemist specializing in surface science, spectroscopy and materials science, helping prove that nerds are just as tough on and off the pitch


Player Recruitment: Casey west

So this will be my 22nd year of playing rugby this upcoming 2016 season.I'm a third generation Mason/tile man who owns his own business.

My favorite game from being on the club comes in the last game of 2014 when we beat Santa Monica 3s at our home pitch

My Overall best experience is not only all the friendships I have acquired throughout the years but also meeting the love of my life Meridith, my beautiful wife and soul mate.