The Rebellion Board is in the process of updating our by laws, in order to meet all state compliance, and to ensure that we present clear and consistent policies regarding membership and club operations.

These By Laws were updated from the previous By Laws (written prior to 2010) and reflects the policies implemented by the Board. The 2017-18 and current Executive Committees reviewed and edited this draft, and the current Board has weighed in. We additionally reviewed the By Laws of several other inclusive rugby clubs when creating this draft.

Now we want to hear from the club membership. Active players and supporters from the 2017 - 18 season, and those who plan to be active during the coming year, are invited to review and provide feedback. This open comment period will conclude on Monday October 15 at 4 pm. All comments and feedback will be kept confidential by the Board.


  1. Make note of your concerns or questions and speak directly to Phil Khommarath (Player Representative) after practice.

  2. Email Phil at Subject: By Laws Feedback. When listing comments, please indicate the Article, Section #, Item # corresponding to your comment. (Example - Article II, Section 3, Item 2a.)

The Vote

A final version of the By Laws will be uploaded to the website on Wed October 17. Active players and supporters will have until Tues October 23 to read the final version and submit a vote. The ballot will be conducted online. To ensure that no ineligible or repeat votes are collected, voting will not be anonymous. All votes will be kept confidential and only reviewed by the Executive Committee.

The Vice President will be responsible for final tally and reporting on the vote. If a majority of the club approves the By Laws, the Board will ratify within one week.