Player DueS

The Rebellion is partially supported through player dues.  While we try to minimize the costs to players through fundraising and sponsorships, we do ask our players to help out tough annual dues.

The dues for the 2015-2016 season are $200 for veteran players and $160 for rookies.  This helps the team afford fields for practices and home games, referees for home games, entry fees for tournaments, and coaching.  Dues paying players are eligible for game play and receive a players card which entitles them to discounts at several local establishments.

Rebellion Player Dues

This year, the club has invited supporters to become members.  Supporter dues are $50, and come with a players card, a special supporter only shirt, and eligibility for Board membership.  If you are interested as joining the team as a supporter, come see us at any of our events throughout the year.