2019-20 Board Elections

Board positions for the 2019-20 season are as follows: President, Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer, Brand/Legacy Chair, Athletic Engagement Officer (formerly Player Rep), Fundraising Officer, Tournament Chair/IGR Representative, Communications Chair, RugBAE Chair, Outreach Chair, and At-Large Officer.

Full details on each officer position and expectations of Board service are in the PDF linked right below. Please review this document and contact Eric Anderson prior to submitting a nomination.

Detailed Descriptions


All 2019-20 Board Members are expected to meet the following commitments:

  • Attend monthly Board meetings (remote call-in is available when needed.)

  • Pay USA Rugby CIPP fee by September 15 and 2019-20 club membership dues by September 30.

  • Dedicate 5 - 15 hours per month to meet the goals and objectives of their position.

  • Attend and provide volunteer support at 75% of our athletic, social and fundraising activities.

  • Secure or purchase items for one Drag Bingo gift basket (value: $50-100.)

Eligibility & Nomination process

All active players, RugBAE supporters, and alumni who paid their membership dues in the 2018-19 season are eligible to serve on the Board. Service on the Board is by self-nomination.

To ensure sustainability of the organization, Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer) must have prior Board experience. The following restrictions were previously approved by the Board:

  • Nominations for President and Treasurer are restricted to current Board Members.

  • Nominations for Vice President are restricted to current or former Board Members (or those who served on another IGR team board.)

  • If any Executive Leadership position remains unfilled at the close of the nomination period, nominations may be accepted from the full membership.

Nominations will be accepted from Friday August 16 - Friday August 23 2019 @ 5 PM. Please review the PDF detailing officer positions and Board expectations prior to submitting a nomination.

To submit a nomination, email your name, position desired, and a 300-word (max) personal statement that highlights why you are interested in serving on the Board and any past relevant experience. Nominations should be emailed to president@larebellion.org.

A list of nominations will be updated regularly on this page, with additional updates in our private Facebook group on Tuesday August 20 and Thursday August 22. The final slate of nominations will be announced publicly on Sunday August 25.

Candidates that are unopposed must still receive a majority approval from the full membership vote. If multiple nominations are received for any position, candidates will have the option of changing their nomination to an unfilled position, prior to the election.

Personal statements will be posted on this page by Sunday August 25 for public viewing.


Online, confidential voting will be open for 48 hours, starting at 3 pm Wednesday August 28 2019 and concluding at 3 pm Friday August 30 2019, with election results announced later that evening. The Board reserves the right to invite any candidate who does not win their election to serve in any unfilled positions. 


Any officer positions with multiple candidates at the close of the nomination period will take part in a runoff election. Final list of nominations and personal statements will be posted on Sunday August 25.

President - Eric Anderson
Vice President - Travis Norton
Treasurer - David Rieker (serving concurrently as Tournament Chair/IGR Representative)

Brand and Legacy Chair - Will Padilla, Gabriel Galluccio, James Purdy
Athletic Engagement Officer - Ozzie Luna
Communications Officer - Juan Flores
Fundraising Chair - Blaine Amidon
Outreach Chair - Jim Loussaert
RugBAE Chair - Paul Duffy