2019-20 Board Elections

The following is a list of the current board positions for the 2019-20 season: President, Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer, Brand/Legacy Chair, Athletic Engagement Officer (formerly Player Rep), Fundraising Chair, Tournament Chair/IGR Representative, Communications Chair, RugBAE Supporter Chair, and Outreach Chair. Additional At-Large Officers may be added to the slate, depending on the number of nominations received.

Detailed Descriptions


All 2019-20 Board Members are expected to meet the following commitments:

  • Attend monthly Board meetings (remote call-in is available when needed.)

  • Pay USA Rugby CIPP fee by September 15 and 2019-20 club membership dues by September 30.

  • Dedicate 5 - 15 hours per month to meet the goals and objectives of their position.

  • Attend and provide volunteer support at 75% of our athletic, social and fundraising activities.

  • Secure or purchase items for one Drag Bingo gift basket (value: $50-100.)


All active players, RugBAE supporters, and alumni who paid their membership dues in the 2018-19 season are eligible to serve on the Board. Service on the Board is by self-nomination.

To ensure sustainability of the organization, Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer) must have prior Board experience. The following restrictions were previously approved by the Board:

  • Nominations for President and Treasurer are restricted to CURRENT Board Members.

  • Nominations for Vice President are restricted to current or former Board Members (or those who served on another IGR team board.)

  • If any Executive Leadership position remains unfilled at the close of the nomination period, that period will be extended to accept nominations from the full membership.


Online, confidential voting will be open for 48 hours, starting at 3 pm Wednesday August 28 2019 and concluding at 3 pm Friday August 30 2019, with election results announced later that evening. A link to the ballot will be emailed to all current players and supporters - if you do not receive this link please email president@larebellion.org.

  • Candidates running unopposed must still receive majority approval (50.1% or higher) from eligible voters.

  • The Board reserves the right to invite any candidate who does not win their election to serve in an At-Large position on the Board. 


Click on any position to read candidate statements.



As I run for re-election as President, I see my personal statement as a “State of the Organization”, and I’m happy to say that the state of the Rebellion is stronger than ever.

It required a huge leap of faith for the club to elect a supporter as President for the first time in club history. Serving as President has been the highlight of my professional career. Knowing the challenges that we faced this past year, you might be surprised to hear me say that. But where other teams may have struggled, we came out the other side more resilient. I know that my efforts played a significant role, and I'm pretty confident you are all aware of the time and commitment I put into this position. Our success is also due to the hard work of each Board member and volunteer, the dedication of each player, and most certainly the leadership of Coach Mike Maccani. Where other seasons ended with 2-3 rookies, this year we ended with FOURTEEN, with five new players joining over the summer. We achieved our best season record in seven seasons. Our social media presence is now one of the largest among North American IGR clubs. And our fundraising continues to grow year-to-year. I’m proud to have helped lead these efforts and thank each of you for the part you played in launching this new chapter for the Rebellion.

This work matters because this team matters. What we stand for matters. But there is much more that can be done to grow as a club and build true sustainability. Our focus must remain on engagement - how we engage players (both strong athletes and those who have never stepped foot on the pitch), alumni, our community and sponsors, and most especially, those who need a safe and inclusive environment to thrive. I will continue to build connections among influencers and stakeholders in Los Angeles, SCRFU and IGR, to enhance our position as a leader in the inclusive athletics movement. Sustainability will be achieved by streamlining how we approach this work, documenting our efforts for future boards, and fostering new leaders within our ranks. And just as in this past season, I will remain easily accessible to hear your concerns, your ideas, and your hopes for the team.

I look forward to working with Mike, his coaching staff, and our Board to implement another great season that builds upon our success, develops new voices in leadership, and paves the way for a terrific 20th anniversary in 2021.



As the incumbent Club Vice President, I know I have a lot to offer our club in the new year. With my tenure on the Board, we have led the team through a season that saw higher new club membership and more game wins than we have in recent years. We also had a net profit financial year, despite beginning the year with financial hardship.

Last season we secured assistant coaching for the new season, ran a successful Rucktacular tournament, and walked in the 2019 LA Pride Parade. We had a stronger community presence this year than in year’s past. I do not think we are done making our mark in this community and have a long way to go.

This is my seventh year playing on an IGR team, having previously served as President for another IGR club. I understand the importance of gay rugby in our community and have fostered strong relationships with other IGR clubs across the globe. The Rebellion can stand up to the best IGR clubs in the world, and that makes me proud to be a part of this organization.

As we plan for next year leading into the 2020 Bingham Cup, I want to continue the club's momentum and build a strong team to send into Canada. Working with team coaches and fellow board members, we will organize a strong season and grow the size and spirit of the club.



(also serving concurrently as Tournament Chair & IGR Representative)

As the incumbent Tournament Chair & IGR Representative, I would love the opportunity to serve the team again in this role. Since joining the team in 2013, and the board in 2014, I have had the chance to coordinate numerous events, including two Bingham Cups and annual Rucktackular events, as well as regular coordination with local, regional, and international IGR entities. Additionally, should the position of Treasurer remain vacant, I would also like to be considered for this role; with many years of experience in non-profit management, a clinical licensure in social work, a focus on attention to detail, being a published social statistician, and roles of responsibility in the LGBT community in Long Beach, I feel I would be able to adequately meet the team’s needs in this capacity.



I decided to purse a nomination as Brand and Legacy Chair for LA Rebellion rugby club and put over 20 years of experience and several awards in Sports branding at the service of the team. You can find more information about my career in branding for sports broadcasting at https://gabrielgalluccio.com/sports. Feel free to browse on the other areas of my site, profile and resume.

I have been in branding advisory committees for large sports organizations like UEFA, FIFA, Formula1 and IOC.

I also worked on the awareness of less popular sports in several regions. Such as a campaign to promote the growth of Rugby viewership in Italy with a series of videos to help the audiences understanding the rules of rugby. I aligned forces with Dolce & Gabbana to use the National team rugby players for the underwear campaign during the World cup in France 2007 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRuFopqCI68).
As a result, the viewership increased by 23% and the series of videos was adopted by the Italian Rugby Federation as the welcoming kit for all new members of the association. You can see the educational videos (in italian) at this link. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t5sxu84zmayxpz9/AAAYaUipSQgKKFcDI2GGL99ta?dl=0

It is clear to me that the nature of our team and tournaments is different from the professional sports world, but I believe that my experiences in the branding and image of sports around the world can be benefit our team.

Our team is experiencing a moment of growth and improving performance. Open collaboration played an important part in that. I plan to continue and encourage participation in the process while maintaining a brand identity that brings us to the upcoming season.


Before I joined the team I hadn’t played sports, and was very hesitant to. When I joined the team I found a very welcoming group of people and realized how much I enjoy rugby. As I got to know the other players the team grew close to my heart, and I wanted to aid the team in any way I could with my unique skill set.

I took the initiative to offer my professional skills by designing and animating promos for fundraising events, designing a distinctive poster for the dirty bird event, and a visual asset for a sponsorship deck. I saw room for improvement on the team’s instagram page and recruited fellow rookie Drew Martin to collaborate on the rebellion’s instagram page along with the president. We were able to increase following 400% and massively spur engagement, thus increasing our visibility within the inclusive, and greater rugby community.

Click here for examples of work I did this past season for the Rebellion, and other work in my portfolio.

My top goal is to affirm the Los Angeles Rebellion as a leader in Inclusive Rugby and distinguish us among the American IGR teams in time for Bingham 2020. The way I will accomplish this is through a brand evolution. To be clear, this would not be a rebranding, but more simply put a face lift of sorts. I intend to:

  • Bring together past and current members of the team and board to establish a Rebellion Manifesto. In this manifesto we will define what the word "rebellion" means to people who have helped sculpt the team and also those who hold the team close to their heart.
  • Use this manifesto to inform a comprehensive brand evolution, create consistency across messaging, imagery, design, and merchandise.
  • Pay respect to the legacy of the Rebellion with a section on the team’s website with photos and names of: players, coaches, and board members from each year.
  • Collaborate with our Board, volunteer designers and consultants to create strong and distinctive concepts and designs for evergreen merchandise and specialized merchandise produced in anticipation of Bingham 2020.

With my goals in mind, I’m also aware that I may only have the opportunity to serve in this position for a year. Above all, if elected, I intend to evolve our brand in a way that will cement us as a leader in inclusive rugby, as well as elevate the perception of the team to any potential corporate sponsors through a more refined design aesthetic. This brand evolution would be robust, as it would be built upon a style guide that can easily be followed by any non designers that may come to use it in the future. I would love for people to see any piece of our team’s branding and be intrigued to learn more about us, even if they have no interest in rugby.



I was born and raised in Los Angeles. As one of nine children, I had to fight for my voice amongst my siblings. I figured out quickly that taking charge and excelling in school was the way to stand out. But that was easier said than done. Adversity always came knocking. My personal mantra was to use dispositions as motivation, so I did. I have a BS in Finance from CSUN and am currently studying at UCLA for my CPA license while working as a Manager of Finance Administration at Fox Sports.

I’ve always successfully juggled family, relationships, a career, and school. Staying focused and being organized is something I’ve been training for my entire life. Playing rugby with the Rebellion these past two seasons has been extremely rewarding. With that experience and my personal background, I believe I can take on a leadership role and serve the team in a greater capacity. As the Athletic Engagement Officer, I will assist all new and returning players reach their personal goals as well as lend my voice to advocate on their behalf.



Fundraising is not a passive activity. It requires constant work, clever planning, and the confidence to bother your friends. It may feel awkward to literally beg friends, family, and even strangers to give you money, but all it takes is a simple script. My main goal as Fundraising Chair would be to help everyone on the team to learn how to convince friends to come to our events and to work hard to create new and exciting things that would draw even more people in.

This next season I hope to acquire additional sponsors. This will require heavy outreach and followup to potential leads. One thing I learned working in real estate was how to do this. It’ll be a lot of “no’s” but all it takes is one “yes” to be successful. I know how to persist and follow every lead in order to attain sponsors.

One thing we need to do this year is to make our Eagle beer busts stand out from the other regular events. As you may know, I love a theme, so I greatly look forward to the chance to create and decorate our monthly events. I already come early to set up these events so I might as well continue doing it in an official capacity.



Growing up sports never interested me, it wasn’t until I got to high school that my interest was piqued by the idea of team sports. Since then, I have never gone without sports, whether that be participating in multiple sports as a player or watching professional sports as a fan. With sports, I have found something that has truly taught me numerous lessons, both in my personal life and my professional career.

Back in 2017, I found out about a local LA LGBTQ rugby team through social media and was amazed that such a team existed. I showed up for the first two months of practice but unfortunately, due to work responsibilities I was unable to continue. However, I did go back the following year and committed to the 2018-2019 season. It was one of the best choices I made that year. I learned that I could take several hits and not cry. I also met a lot of great people who later ended up becoming close friends of mine. To say the least, LA Rebellion has made a positive impact in my life. This has made me realize that I want to assist in supporting LGBTQ teams, members and fans, in any way I can.

I know that with my personal experience with the team and my education in Entrepreneurship Management, I can be an asset to the LA Rebellion’s board. I am knowledgeable in the different forms of social media, like the different concepts and the myriads of cultural understanding. I know if given the opportunity, I can bring in new ideas and concepts to the already existing platform.



For the upcoming 2019-2020 season I would like to serve as the Outreach Chair for the Los Angeles Rebellion Rugby Football Club and I would like your support. For the past four seasons, I have served on the board as the Fundraising Chair. In that time, I have organized and run multiple fundraising events and drives including Jox on the Lot, Drag Queen Bingo, Sponsored nights with Megawoof and Out of the Woods, raffle drives, and numerous monthly Ruggerbusts at the Eagle. I have also been able to establish and maintain relationships with many of our major sponsors over the past four years. This has allowed our team to meet all our financial commitments to SCRFU and SCRRS, fund our team’s entrance fees and lodging for Bingham Cup 2016 and 2018, entrance fee for Stumptown Scrum Down, pay for fields, and pay coaches’ stipends, even after the unfortunate events of the last fall.

I have spent the past four years raising and enriching the image of the Rebellion throughout the Los Angeles area. This year, I want to continue to boost the Rebellion reputation by stepping into a position that has gone unfilled for two seasons. My work with Amgen PRIDE has given me a fresh perspective on how to grow our team’s impact within the Los Angeles communities. The amazing turn our we had for LA Pride shows me that this team is willing to make strides to improve our neighborhoods and communities.

I believe my successes over the past four seasons more than qualifies me for the position of Outreach Chair. I hope my actions both on and off the field have earned your respect. You can trust that I will continue to drive the organization in a direction that will earn a positive image and impact of the club within our communities.



I wish to be reconsidered for the position of RugBae Chair as part of the LA Rebellion Rugby Board.

I would like to continue to build on the growth in paid- up RugBae members we achieved last season. We ended the season with 15 financial RugBae’s and I would like to be given the chance to further build on that number.

The growth of supporters at games and our social events over the last season was great and contributing as RugBae Chair my aim would be to see supporter numbers continue to grow next season. My focus will be to continue to encourage the friends and family of players to join up as paid supporters and to be a welcoming face to new supporters not previously associated with the club that come to us as they have a love of the game.

My Action items:

  • Work in conjunction with the Activation Chair to arrange a Gym Bar or Hi Tops social/recruiting night
  • Coordinate 5 home match Third Half drink ups
  • Coordinate Rugbae volunteer support at all matches, drink ups and fundraisers