Since 2011, I have been involved with the Rebellion in one aspect or another. As a player, as a board member, and now as a coach, the Rebellion is a cornerstone in my life, and I am committed to see the organization continue to grow and be successful.

For the majority of my life, I have been involved with team sports. Growing up, I had no idea rugby was a sport played in the United States, so I played American Football. Starting at the age of 8, my football experience has taken me to teams that won exactly 0 games all the way to teams that were CIF Champions. 

My football career ended after high school, when I decided I wanted to go to college and be a Ski Bum up in South Lake Tahoe. After college, I was looking for a social and physical outlet. A friend suggested rugby. After attending a San Diego Armada game, I was sold. I joined the Rebellion, playing for three years and serving on the board for an additional two years (including a term as the club's President.) Outside of rugby, I live in Sherman Oaks, I am a general manager for a telecom company in Santa Clarita, and I am a recent graduate of UCLA Anderson.

Being involved with different types of teams over the years has allowed me to witness coaching styles that work (and those that don't.) I have also seen first hand what this team is capable of achieving. I believe I can take these experiences and provide the Rebellion with strong coaching leadership. We train hard, we play hard, and we fight to the end with Rebel pride. The Rebellion is like my second family, making me all the more excited to start this new chapter with the club and help lead our team to victory! 

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My goal for the Rebellion is to field a competitive rugby team in SCRFU and have strong showing at the 2018 Bingham Cup. To reach these goals, my coaching strategy will focus on 3 areas:

  • Teamwork - Rugby is team sport. My job as coach is to foster trust,  inspire confidence, and leverage strengths in every player for the benefit of the team.  
  • Principles of Play - Rugby is a game of "Go Forward". My practice sessions will focus on the fundamentals of moving the ball forward when attacking and stopping forward progress when on defense. 
  • Fitness -  Rugby is played in an 80 minute matches. I believe that if a team is able to win the last 20 minutes of a match, they will win the match. Our training will be geared towards improving individual fitness and endurance, no matter where your starting point is. 

Throughout the season, I will help guide players to develop fitness and skill building routines that address individual strengths and areas for improvement. At present, all players should be focused on core strength building. We will also hold indoor fitness training and classroom sessions - rain or shine, there will be practice every Tuesday and Thursday!