We're excited to welcome veteran Rebellion player Mike Maccani as our new coach for the 2017-18 season. As we get closer to Fall, Coach Maccani will begin sharing his thoughts as we begin preparing for the season and the 2018 Bingham Cup in Amsterdam!

Recommended Pre-season workout


  • Hit the gym 3x per week (preferred minimum)
  • Focus on upper body strengthening (kettle balls, machines, free weights)
  • Isometric work: Yoga, Pilates, sit ups, push ups, planking

Aerobic Work

  • Walk, Jog or Run 10 - 15 miles per week
  • Find an open available bleachers - do 25-50 reps up and down the bleachers

Other Useful Activities

  • Swimming and Cycling provide excellent workouts without joint stress
  • Hiking: Hit local trails or sand dunes to build endurance
  • Attend the pre-season Rebellion Touch Rugby sessions 
  • Review the Rugby 101 videos or streams of other pro/am matches