Head Coach: DeLyn Wi Repa

From the Coach’s Desk:

First, I would like to thank Los Angeles Rebellion Rugby Football Club for the opportunity to coach the Men’s team.  Our Board and I have outlined a plan for the team’s success. Secondly, we are in Division III this year and we ACCEPT that challenge.  

I know we have talented players that can work together with the rookies to focus on creating an environment that will result in our having a winning season! Practice is on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is required for all players.

I know there is a lot going on for everyone but, the proper preparation is vital to success.

I’m excited for us and can’t wait to get started…

Good Luck to everyone this season and bring all your friends and family to club events and games!


Coach DeLyn

A little history:

I played rugby for 10 years, coached since 2007 at various levels and refereed since 1999.   Playing and refereeing in many states and different countries along the way.

coach's notes:

Here is my recommended workout routine for players to follow:


  • Hit the gym 3x per week (preferred minimum)
  • Focus on upper body strengthening (kettle balls, machines, free weights)
  • Isometric work: Yoga, Pilates, sit ups, push ups, planking

Aerobic Work

  • Walk, Jog or Run 10 - 15 miles per week
  • Find an open available bleachers - do 25-50 reps up and down the bleachers

Other Useful Activities

  • Swimming and Cycling provide excellent workouts without joint stress
  • Hiking: Hit local trails or sand dunes to build endurance
  • Attend the pre-season Rebellion Touch Rugby sessions 
  • Review the Rugby 101 videos or streams of other pro/am matches