For 18 years, the Los Angeles Rebellion RFC has promoted equality and inclusivity through the sport of rugby - known as the “gentleman’s sport for hooligans.”  

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Rebellion is a Division IV team competing at the amateur level in the Southern California Rugby Football Union and International Gay Rugby. In fact, we are the only rugby team in Los Angeles that welcomes, and is inclusive of all players regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, fitness level or sexual identity. 

We come from all walks of life in this City of Angels - uniting for our love of rugby. If you’re looking for a high-impact athletic experience, a place to belong, or just a healthy dose of beer, brotherhood and bone-crushing fun, come check us out.

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“We have the chance to be role models for other gay folks who wanted to play sports, but never felt good enough or strong enough. More importantly, we have the chance to show the other teams in the league that we are as good as they are. Good rugby players. Good partiers. Good sports. Good men.”

-Mark Bingham